Philips 24PW6006 service menu help required!!!


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Hi all,:)

My first post - and I'm afraid it's to beg for help with the 24PW6006 service menu.

The story so far:

Earlier this week I ordered myself the above TV - which arrived today. While I was waiting for the TV I discovered these forums and read all I could on my telly-to-be, and noted down the code to get into the service menu.

The set arrived today, and although there's nothing glaringly wrong with it, I decide that a bit of service menu geometry tweaking is in order.

All was going well, until I got a little overconfident (and curious) and went into service menu options, and accidentally changed 'op 1' before noting down it's original value!:( Having not paid enough attention I couldn't remember what the value was, but thought it was either 240 or 220 - I chose 220 and have left it at that. Nothing seems wrong - yet, but I'm worried something could 'develop'!

Help from any 6006 (but especially 24" 6006) owners who have the 'op 1' value would be v.much appreciated!:D

Apart from my service menu horrors it seems a good TV, as previously mentioned slightly dark RGB and initial geometry problems.

The only other problem I have is a portion of the screen on the far right. In normal 4:3 mode (and indeed all other modes - just more noticeable in 4:3) the last 5-7 vertical lines of the picture are producing a kind of distortion - its like about 15 pixels worth of info has been squeezed onto them!!? It looks like a very faint, thin, vertical bar… Sound familiar to anyone?:confused:

Any help at all gratefully received!

Thanks for reading.


I dont have this set but as far as I know most of the service menu settings are unique for each set so there is no right or wrong.
I have my settings written down in several places and on a few floppy discs as well as the hard drive!


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I have the 32" version, and option 1 is indeed set to 220. I can't answer your query on the faint vertical bar issue though, sorry.



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Thanks tom-m and smallman28 - I think I've learnt my lesson!!!:blush:

After yet more service menu fiddling I can (sort of) fix my vertical bar issue, however all this tampering has come at a price; the geometry of the set is now wrong for just about every viewing mode (4:3, widescreen etc). Whilst I can alter the geometry on any one mode until it's nigh on perfect, doing so affects the settings on all other the viewmodes as well! Trying to get them all 'right' is proving pretty much impossible...:mad:

Methinks it's time to get a replacement set!:D (although I may forget to mention my using the service menu)

On the subject, has anyone compiled a complete list or guide to the pw6006 service menu? To my mind it would be just about priceless!:eek:

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