Philips 24PW6006 lateral distortion



Model: Philips 24Pw6006 (not a flat screen TV)

In the normal 4:3 or a 1:1 zoom mode the edges of the screen distort. This causes the images at the extremes of the picture to become laterally compressed, for example a perfect circle in the middle of the screen would appear slightly egg shaped at the extremes. This is most noticeable when the camera is panning across; in a football match for example the letters of the advertising boards appear to compress and ripple as they move off the edge of the picture.

I was wondering if this typical of non-flat widescreen TVs, or because the very extremes are not hidden by physical edge of the screen as with a standard aspect ratio TV.

Or alternatively because my TV is [email protected]#ed.

Any help would be appreciated,


I've just bought the same model myself, and noticed it too.

I'm not too worried about that though, just the service menu which causes me a huge amount of worries every time I go into it with high hope of correcting something!! :devil:

I'm impressed with this TV for the price, the actual picture quality is great.

My only gripes are:

On both sides of the screen, (right more noticabley) the horizontal edges bend up/down.

I have a slope going from right to left which I've been told is the earths magnetic field or something.

Supwerwide cuts off a fair bit of the screen, and that would be ok, if the service menu would let me adjust things without adjusting everything else. For some weird reason, superwide is shifted 1 more to the left than all the rest, but can I change it? No!

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