Philips 24CE3588 loses settings when switched off


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i.e. every time you switch it on you have to retune all the channels and re-adjust the colour and volume levels.

Just wondered if this is an easy/cheap DIY repair (e.g. dry joint). As it was given to me and is 15+ years old if it isn't it's probably going to go to the tip.

Thanks in advance for any advice :)


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It is usually the backup battery, probably a 2.4V Nicad but could be lithium cell.

I suggest that you don't mess around inside a TV if you don't know what you are doing though.

TVs are dangerous - even when unplugged!


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As Gadgetcity says...this model and other Philips/Pye/Dynatron branded models of this vintage use a wire-ended 2.4v nicad battery soldered to a circuit board which is trickle charged while the set is switched on and keeps the tuning and analogue settings of Vol, Colour and brightness when the set is switched off.
The battery has lost it's ability to retain its charge and needs replacing...this is the single most common fault on these models...factor in a couple of quid for the battery and an hours labour of a TV around TV repair shops in your locality and get a few estimates.

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