Philips 21PT4457 - Flaring???

i just received this model today having sent one back for the same problem, so i wonder if you guys can hazzard a guess at what the deelio is?

when a bright light colour is nest to a darker colour the bright light sends out a hazy band horizontaly across the screen. so say there was a full moon in the night sky the moon sends out a band of hazey light across the screen. so it looks like the moon is actually in the middle of a band of light. now this type of flaring is happening on all light/dark scenes, peoples faces, car doors etc, basicaly all it takes is for a lighter colour to be near a dark enough colour and it will send a flare across the darker colour.

has anyone else encounted this problem? its only a bedroom set but its not on and this is the second one. i hope all philips aren't like this as i am considering a large screen philips:(


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Have you tried the picture settings and turning down the contrast?
yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyup! :) on RGB dvd feed the problem is smearing. colours smear outside their line as if they had been wiped across with a rag.

wayne, what do you think of the philips 6506 you own, is that a good tv?


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Originally posted by weyland-yutani
wayne, what do you think of the philips 6506 you own, is that a good tv?

I've nearly had it a year so it must be.The last several only lasted 6 months.
anyone else have input on this prob? if i send it back i'm just going to get another problem set, as i'm obviously in a 'bad run' area. if it could be fixed in situ that would be great.

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