Philips 2022 OLED owners thread (707, 807)


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Will there be a 48" model of the 807

Philips are think of making 42" oled for 807/707 as for 48" it will have everything higher size models have excluding the Ex panel. most likely 48" will have basic panel, or it could have evo panel making it only a 10% diffrence between 48" & 55" & above, I don't know?


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Technically not Philips though is it, some Japanese company that just use the brand name. Explains a lot if you ask me.
TPVision is Dutch that using the Philips branding


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No TPVision is Chinese using a Philips license for the brand name.
I was referring to Funai who i thought owned Philip brand name for TV's, but having checked it seems thats just for North America.

Either way, what was once a known brand is just a collection of third party entities now. It's no great surprise that their communication and media output has suffered as a result.
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looks good. guy in review was on about new processor/hardware but did not show any evidence/details to confirm whats new (cpu/ram/storage, no wifi test/)... Well at least I can cross 807 from shopping list as that bottom gap of amibilight just looks odd when wall mounted. For those who use stand guess hardly will see any issue. great to see some reviews appearing.


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And what is the reason for raising the price of 707 compared to 706? If in 707 both the old processor and not the EX panel.


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Gap? Which gap?

Come on Philips, please, enough with these misleading images and information, be honest and transparent when describing your sets, these "mistakes" are not helping your sales, quite the contrary I'm afraid.
Philips are PRO in misleading consumers including over marketing product. Never understood such tactics but facts are facts Philips are beating their sales every year and know that can get away with such methods. Consumers just not bothered with hassle of returns, consumer protection is weak to enforce transparent marketing. Even with scandal about twinchip models and 4k (2k) 120hz hardly insulted owners...


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Considering the 77OLED807 as currently have a LG 65C8. Does this one still have the terribly unergonomic controller?

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