Philips 17PF9945 pixels and remote


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this is my first thread so be nice!
i got one of these yesterday and it's a fantastic television. There is one problem. i have 3 dead pixels. is this normal on lcd tvs? Also i was wondering if anyone knew the remote control code for the remote, as i have another that i want to program it to.




I got mine yesterday. I set it up and I have no dead pixels thank god. In addition, Tartan Guru has not had any and he has had his for quite some time.

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You must have been really unlucky- unfortunately most manufacturers seem to think that 4 or 5 dead pixels are acceptable! Have you spoken to the company you bought it from? Most serious AV suppliers are aware that dead pixels are an issue to buyers, but even if you didn't buy from an AV supplier, usually most highstreet retailers will swap if you complain enough!!
As for the remote- I have a pronto so I learnt the commands from the handset. However phillips kit uses RC-5 remote commands which are pretty much an industry standard these days and are used by many manufacturers. If you have the code book that came with the remote, I would work through the philips codes followed by those from marantz (who are owned by philips).

Good luck!



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i brought it back to Seven Oaks and they reordered me a new one and apologised for the hassle. You can't say fairer than that. Hopefully the next one will be fine.


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