Philips 15PF8946/12



Hi I have a Philips 15" LCD (15PF8946/12) which isn't exactly legit - i didn't steal it but i cannot send it to philips.
Right my problem is this:
There is something wrong with the screen. I know it is not completely dead as when you turn it on the screen comes on for a second then goes blank. I can get the sound from the telly via normal co-axel and also through my freeview box plugged into the scart. When i plug a DVD player into the scart you can very faintly see the image on the screen. My first thought is that the contrast or somin similar was off but i cannot even see the menu to change it. You valued opinion would be greatful as it replaced my very old ferguson (also not past its day! (plus that reminds me of the old ferguson we had in the main room - immatation walnut panels - nice!!!)
What do you recommend??? It i cannot fix it myself would it be worth taking it to my local TV/VCR repair shop???
Matt, UK

EDIT: I was also thinking maybe all i need to do is reset it back to factory settings but cannot find out how to do this???

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