Philips 1000 mk II dvd recorder and deinterlacing ?


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I'm going to post this here since it might be useful to people with lcd/dlp systems.

If you look in the current issue of HCC you'll find a review of the Philips 1000 mk II dvd recorder.

This unit has a vga output and onboard deinterlacer (for ntsc playback only at the moment... pal progressive to follow I hope !). The article goes on to suggest that when the tuner or the video input is selected, you'll get a deinterlaced picture (from that source) via the vga output.

In the US, some of the other cheaper Philips machines (equivalent to the next couple of models down the UK range) also have deinterlacers on board. Reviews of these machines (e.g. Sound and Vision mag) suggest that the deinterlaced output (dcdi in the US) of the tuner or video input, isn't very good due to the fact that the input is run through a MPEG encode / decode(?) cycle BEFORE it is deinterlaced.

Does anyone have any experience of the deinterlaced video/tuner output of this machine yet ?

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