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PHEW! Lucky E-bay Escape


Novice Member
I was looking for a pioneer plasma tv!The seller had about 7 Tvs for sale all ending at the same time. He had resonable feedback.He answered all questions , seem to offer people to come see the product in his warehouse.AND OFFERED PAYPAL. And had 3 people buy the same item and give good feedback too.So I thought It was safe.
here's the ad


The cheapest price I could get on the high street was around 2150(Dixons) pounds. They went like hotcakes....all seven pioneer plasma tv's sold in 2 days.Somehow I resisted.
Just logged in to check the feedback from the buyers and


THAT WAS A CLOSE ONE, glad I didn't buy! PHEW!
Problem is with Ebay now it is riddled with crooks.
dvd's are prime example loads off copies on there and
I nearly fell for a laptop scam last week.

But nice escape.


Established Member
Lucky escape

Why do a few ruin it for the majority as always

I have been using ebay for some time , i find it useful to sell my old electrical equipment , phones etc and have a rating 99% , forgot to post out a remote once and got a negative feedback:eek:

I also find it useful buying some equipment ie PSU and chargers for phones i even bought my old 36" CRT off here, which was Absolutely BNIB.

And have had some bargains , like the radiator cabinet in my pics they wanted £118 in a diy store for that.

And then you get these toerags, as i have always been told treat people how you expect to be treated yourself , manners cost nothing.

Oops i feel a rant coming on . no wonder my partner bought me that grumpy old man mug at the weekend:rolleyes:


Two of his positives only 2 minutes apart from the same person,the third an hour or so later???!!!



Distinguished Member
to be honest with you when it comes to tvs and high priced items i would never buy off e bay i know there are a lot of genuine sellers on e bay but if something looks and sounds too good to be true then it usually is besides you can get quite good deals if you look around ie pricerunners anyway.e bay is a breeding ground for scammers and low life who will take youre money and run then set up a different account with a new name and probably do it all over again.its far to risky i think to buy tv,s off ebay for that amount of money.


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Its easy to get ripped off as a seller as well. Trust me Paypal is not your friend if someone disputes a sale that you made. I wont post the scams on a public forum but my advise if you wish to sell anything of value accept a cheque only.


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Glad to see you didnt get scammed :smashin:
You really do have to watch out with ebay while there are some genune people there is as pointed out loads people scamming or replica items :thumbsdow
Paypal are no help at all i sold a psp once got confirmation email from paypal stating id received the funds so i started transfering them to my bank account so 2 days later id just sent the psp (Uk address) and i get home to get a email from paypal saying funds may be fraudulent :confused: .
I contact them and get told just the same on the phone and wont tell me nothing more so i cant even contact the police to see if they can help as it hadnt arrived at the time then after the psp arrives paypal say the fund was fraudulent so i have a minus balance on my account for the psp :mad:
I then contact Paypal who dont want to know basically as its not a paypal verified uk address which is same for most paypal users in the uk anyhow i then decide to get in contact with the Financial Ombudsman http://www.fsa.gov.uk/consumer/index.html and after a few weeks get a new responce as a good will gesture they let me keep my payment afterall :rolleyes: .


Established Member
Glad you didnt get stung by this low-life but this really does show how bad the whole ebay/paypal shambles is.

They really should get their act together and sort out what is basically criminal activity.

I would only buy something like this if i could collect it and check it was all ok


surely you'd have to be mad to consider a plasma at well below UK trade from anyone on ebay, even if the seller looks like solid gold. Often it's ID theft as the 1st crime, to enable the second, more profitable one to take place. Has anyone actually bought, and received, a plasma from ebay?


Distinguished Member
I onces bought a panny 6 series scart board of ebay if that counts, BOY it was nerve racking waiting for it to turn up.. (and no it wasnt one of yours MAW)


How do you know?? BTW just reading about consumer rights, I see that buying in an auction can remove your rights against the retailer. I'd be concerned about that with an ebay shop no matter how legit, with expensive goods.


Established Member
With expensive items, I'd be very wary on ebay. However a friend did buy a 436fde bnib (as they say) from ebay. He did however go and see it/pick it up/pay himself. I would never recommend any other way.


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ebay user said:

:rotfl: :rotfl:

Personally i would go to ebayers place to see the product before paying for it however i would go only with guards.Just to avoid any nasty ends.


Established Member
MAW said:
surely you'd have to be mad to consider a plasma at well below UK trade from anyone on ebay, even if the seller looks like solid gold. Often it's ID theft as the 1st crime, to enable the second, more profitable one to take place. Has anyone actually bought, and received, a plasma from ebay?

i am considering it carefully, but i will more than likely go and collect, as i dont have a prey-pal account, so normally use cheque to pay, in this case he would have not had time for the cheque to clear before i would have cancelled it, but you have to be careful thats for sure on ebay, i am usually sceptical on things such as feeback only being from sellers when they are trying to sell something like this, or the feedback is built on 1p pictures that theyve bought, you need to look through items and contact members and ask if they recieved the goods

i did particularily like this feedback
did tell ebay there something not right about this member they was not intrested

that is so true its not funny .... you think i am joking ? .... try contacting them, even watchdog here in the UK found it nigh on impossible to speak to a "person" there

anyway, glad you avoided that one :)

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