Phenomena (Zavvi Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)


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Purchase link: Zavvi

Release date: 15/09/2014

Status: Available to pre-order

Limited to 2,000 copies



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I'm not sure why they leave this to HDN for a vote. They'd be better off doing it on their Facebook page or where more people know the film. At the moment they're probably going to get the worst of the 4 art choices. I'd go for 1 or 2 as classics and even the Creepers classic video cover for no. 3 is better.

I sold my slip box version a while back when Synapse announced it as the transfer/encode could be better but as it's 2000 ltd I'll probably get it!
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I voted for choice 4, that was winning yesterday. Don't think that's too bad at all - all the choices are nothing special in the art department though.


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Most fans of the actual film would probably go for 1 or 2 as they're the most iconic images. 4 is the US poster but 2 especially is the original Italian poster and the most widely used probably. 3 is popular over here because it's the old UK Palace VHS art.


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Ive got the sipbox edition, happy to keep that unless they do improve the bluray like they did with Tenebrae.

Otherwise i will leave it.

As for the choices, cant be bothered to check but i presume they are the same or similar to the 4 choices you can pick for the slipbox edition. as for why hdn get to choose, well they are in the pockets of zavvi.

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Ah, keeping the slipcover edition then. No steelbook for me.

Most fans of the actual film would probably go for 1 or 2 as they're the most iconic images. 4 is the US poster

I love the film and a massive fan of Dario Argento's earlier work. I don't remember seeing the 4th choice artwork in the past, seen the others over and over and wanted something new - new to me anyway. Love the effect of the insects too on the artwork.


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Fair enough. It's the U.S. Creepers poster and I've never really been keen on it. I think they should have probably gone for one completely new piece of artwork to see if they could have come up with something suitable. I don't actually mind the old Arrow art even. One of Rick Melton's better ones.

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^ Definitely would have preferred something new instead.


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Confusing.. the alert emails said ".... of 5 extremely limited blu-ray steelbooks". I make this 6 now

Maniac Cop
Day of the Dead
Black Sunday
City of the Living Dead

Shame they're not redoing some of the transfers. The fact that there is better out there for some is what will probably stop me.


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Got mine this morning. The best zavvi exclusive arrow steelbook so far, LOVE the back artwork, so creepy.

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