PHD8 - SKY RGB to S-Video picture ?


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I've purchased a Keene RGB to S-Video converter as a stop-gap solution
before Sky HD launches.

However, I'm getting some strange effects on blocks of colour and not sure what they are.

Basically on there are diagonal lines going from top-right to bottom left (as shown on the attached pictures).

1) Any idea what causes this effect.
2) Would it be eliminated with a JS RGB to Component converter.




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I'm not sure of the cause, though it may not be a great converter?, the js scart to vga or component converter would give much better results but to be honest so would a scart board.....they are good on the 8 series


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Cheers MEP.

Having searched the Forums, I'm 'guessing' that it's colour banding and you're right, it's probably not a great converter as it was cheap.

I was saving cash after the purchase of the screen and a Denon 1920 player.

How have you got SKY connected and if so, what's the picture like?


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Js rgb to component converter then a component to vga lead i what you want.
(or rgb to vga) It will knock the socks off what you are watching now!


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mine just goes in on scart now and its excellent....I had the js converter to VGA but have moved it through to my PW7 as scart really is very good on my PHD8


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Cheers guys,
I think scarts out of the question as I'd struggle to feed a cable to the screen.
(MAW) Martin commented that the hole in the wall was a little small (whoops).

Currently feed the screen by a Component to VGA lead, HDMI and S-Video,
to cover my DVD, XBOX and SKY and do not intend to add any more boards at present.

So maybe a JS converter is the way to go.

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