PHD8 SCART input board and Sky


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Mar 16, 2005
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Has anyone tried the above mentioned configuration? I have got my DVD 3RCA progressive output into the PHD8 D-Sub, I have a HDMI input board for my HTPC's DVI output and in the future SKY HD, and I am currently using my SKY SCART R,G,B output into a SCART R,G,B input board.

Just curious about the SCART RGB to RGB route - why people don't seem to be doing this connection....
How many cables is that you have running to the screen?

I wanted to limit the amount of spagetti going to the screen, I have everything going component through a component switching amp. From research I did at the time the scart was thought to produce a "soft" picture. From posts by MAW it would seem that the scart on the 8 is much improved.

I also remember that there was something about having less control over colour saturation if you went straight from Sky scart to scart input board and that the best result was to put a JS Converter between sky and the panel. Perhaps I misunderstood that, I'm sure one of the other chaps will clear it up.
I see. I'm not really bothered about all the cables into the screen as they can't be seen and I want as little amount of extra boxes as possible. Hence direct connections for everything.
I think Gizlaroc was saying he had a friend that was using the SCART board and the picture was fantastic.
Yeah, I would have no problem living with the picture, very clean and sharp.

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