phd8? or pv500? or wait and see!

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by golden phoenix, Oct 13, 2005.

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    Hi All,

    Been really studying the forum recently to make my HD decision. Initially I narrowed my choice down to 436 or Panny pv500. After seeing both in action I really fancy the pannies although i prefer the styling of the 436.

    This is my first plasma after 6 years with current CRT TV. I have budgeted £2500 roughly to spend on display and inputs only. But i am the type of person who wants the best with the cash i have, so my questions are simple.

    It has to be HD Screen Only.

    My requirements will be


    Sky + / Sky HD (when the pricing is more realistic)
    PS 3 (when Available)
    DVD (for now with HDMI upscaling)( until the arrival of BR/HD DVD)

    I have a surround system. but just to add to this Is the any centre speaker available that can sit above the plasma (not attached to the wall or embedded.(like the NXT range)
    I dont want one firing at my knees.

    I want all inputs to be HDMI (ready for future events)(how much do they cost each? how many can I have? and maybe a component as backup. And a table top mount

    I have really been excited by 436/pv500 debate but have found the pannies more of a turn on and after reading about the PHD8 (Panel only) I feel I can really build a system of note.

    so Further questions are these:

    Is the PHD8 vs PV500 without scaler picture noticeable improved? (this will be short term until i can add a scaler)

    How much would it cost to (initially) buy all HDMI input boards (3 would be required).

    When I add a scaler, how much would this cost for a really good one.

    When I finally get My system calibrated after run in, approx how much will this cost?.

    Also, i live in Liverpool, there doesnt seem to be a good dealer where i can actually see the PHD8 in action. Any ideas on where i can see/buy? in the north west area.

    Could anybody point me in the right direction as to the best Net prices?.

    Or do I wait until new panny range next year or SED or something else......... :lease:

    would really welcome comments from Maw,Giz, Piers and any other av gurus out there.

    Sorry i realise i have asked alot of questions, but hey £2,500 alot of money to spend to the average joe.

    From An Av Virgin who cant wait to pop my plasma Cherry! :rotfl:
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    Lots of your questions relate to pricing and the forum rules prevent me from posting that on the forum. You will have PM - give me half an hour!

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