PHD8/LumagenHDP - And a good cheap DVD player?


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Just purchased the Panny PHD8 with the HDP scaler.

I've got a Pioneer DV-717 player (RGB Scart via Sky+ to the scaler)

I was thinking about the Samsung 850/950 to get either a HDMI(to DVI on the scaler) or component output.

I want to leave the scaler upscale the image and change it to progressive (as i've heard it will do a lot better job than any player at this.) In this case I guess i'll need a player that outputs a decent standard res interlaced player.

I don't want to spend too much as (i guess like everyone else) i'll be getting a HD player when they come out.


1. Is the samsung a good player for what I want it to do?
2. Is there something better for around the same price?
3. Am I going to notice much of a difference in quality in a new player from the SCART setup with my 717 (above)?

Thanks in advance



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Should fit the bill nicely. Not much to beat them at this pricepoint with DVI/HDMI. Downside is manual NTSC PAL switching and some issues with true black. You could consider Pio 575 via component, some like them a lot, others complain about jaggies.

Looking at the forum though, if you want to spend a little more money the Oppo seems pretty good value, (Ask PJTX100 he has one).

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