Phantom Centre Channel?

SL Boy

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I am trying to choose speakers for my new home cinema and would appreciate your help. The set up will be used in the same room as my hifi and my supplier says it might be possible to use my existing speakers (Quad Electrostatics) as the front main channels as they produce such superb sound. The problem is trying to find a centre speaker that will match the sound of the Quads. He says one option would be to dispense with the centre channel as the Quads have very good stereo separation and switch the processor (Pioneer VSA-AX10i) to deliver a phantom centre channel.

Does anyone have good/bad experience of running a speaker system without a centre channel?

Thanks in advance,

Matt F

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It works quite well if you sit centrally i.e. in the 'sweet spot'. However, it's not as good as having a decent centre speaker which makes the sound a lot more focussed and forward.

I'm note sure what centre speaker will match well with the Quads - you may have to try a few. Arguably, it might be best to start off with Quad's L series centre speaker.



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I have a phantom centre, fortunately my romm configurations allows for a fairly large sweet spot and I have no problems at all

SL Boy

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Thanks for your help. Will try without first and see how it sounds.
I have heard the Quad 11L speaker share enough of the sonic signature of the Quad electrostatics to create a good sound blend. I plan to use them for rears and can add another Quad 11 as a centre if necessary.

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