PGR3 Problems


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Whilst playing pgr3 twice now I have been in the middle of a race and suddenly the game stops and a message comes up onscreen saying "does not recognise disc remove and clean with soft cloth"
Now this is scary because I have had my 360 replaced once and there is no ring of death red lights,I always remove disc when not playing,are always very careful about cleanliness of disc,360 is only ever horizontal and never moved when in play in other words everthing that could cause problems just is'nt happening.So has anyone had this happen? when I have cleaned disc just to make sure and then replace and play I went on to play several hours without further probs.So is this normal ?:eek:


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Had exactly the same problem - 3 copies of PG3 and then finally a new 360 later I nolonger have the problem.


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This has happened twice to me recently.

The first time was after a lads weekend with lots of beer, takeway food and drunken swapping of games and the disk did look a little 'grubby' so I presumed it had got dirty whilst swapping games.

Second time concerned me more - it was on a track I hadn't played yet and wondered if the disk for that part was actually damaged. Cleaned again and no problems since.

Odd. Hopefully a blip, but the 360 seems to have more "PC-tempremantlity" than any other console I have ever owned. The blurring of the lines between PC and console appears to have some negatives.

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