PGR2 - The Most Addictive Game Ever?


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Dec 26, 2002
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Canterbury, Kent
Had the game for about 2 weeks now and i just can't stop playing it. Finished the single player kudos series on silver(and now up to American Muscle on Gold) and am on Kudos Level 11 on the online game. But i want more, just wanna race race race, anyone else found this, or am i just losing the plot???:eek:
ive only had the game 3 days and i am still stunned at how good the game is.

i initially dismissed it as i thought it might be like gran tourismo which i detested.

the graphics are stunning,the cars sound amazing,the handling is brilliant.

its up there with links 2004 as a refreshing change from shooting people.

p.s i just love the lotus exige and the caterham,you can just throw them into the corners.
chad, also delav, vol and the others...

thanks for the game last night - it was good to beat you all ;)

Sorry i just disappeared - phone rang which then woke up our little boy so no chance on getting back onto live...
No worries. Give me a few years and I may start to win a race or two. Oooh!!! Actually I won a race last night with the Exige. Agree with Damage Inc that it's a great motor and about the only one I can drive without crashing (too often).

:D PGR2 = Great fun
Haven't played it for a week or so. In fact I've not been on live for a week or two. It's a brilliant game and works very well on Live. I was concerned that a car racing game would not work so well as it would just end in carnage but there are some considerate racers out there.

I think I got to the point of having 150 gold and 42 platinum or something and had temporarily given up as it was taking up all my time and I'm supposed to be building a house to live in! Once in, I intend to get all platinum and secure that TVR, which I'm sure won't be worth all the effort.:p
I finish all my Uni coursework this Friday so hopefully I will be glued to PGR2 et al until my finals! :)

Or maybe a week before to get some revision in :D

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