PGR2 Newbie advice


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Have just bought and am really impressed but need some advice.

I currently play Arcade on novice and have attained about 20,000 kudos, ranking 4 and about 7 tokens.

I know this is basic but i'm confused as when i get a new ranking and tokens it asks me if i wish to keep them or use them but cannot work out how to use!!! Screen only says A to continue or B for back - how do i use the tokens???

Also when i do unlock cars will this allow me to choose different cars for races rather than the fixed cars given??

An idiots guide would be appreciated!


You need to do the world kudos challenge, it is there that you use your kudos to obtain different cars within the class that you are racing. In the arcade mode you are just given a particular car.


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World Kudos Challenge is where the action is at m8. Slack off the arcade mode and do it later.

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