PG30: Why did I do it???

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by nwebb, Oct 17, 2001.

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    I've just "upgraded" my rental TV from a Panasonic 32R4DP(?) to a 32PG30. Yes, I'd read all the bad press, but I figured that from a non-purist's (ie. me) point of view, the bad features wouldn't be a problem and, even if the picture isn't perfect, it's sure to be much better than I've got now.

    Oh boy how wrong I was.

    Watching ordinary TV (terrestrial or sky digi) the picture is horrible compared to what I had. Like looking through glass that has been cleaned with soapy water and hasn't dried.

    R2 DVDs are pretty good. Nice and clear. Of course, this is how I saw it in the shop and thought it was good.

    But the moire with NTSC is so much worse than I was expecting !!! :eek: R1 DVDs really can't be watched. Not only is there the patterning to contend with, but the top half of the picture flickers like buggery.

    Ok, so the set's gotta go back. But what do I do? Is the horrible picture a result of 100Hz? 50Hz sets seem to be getting phased out, so surely that isn't the problem? Or is it just set up wrong? In either case why are R2 DVDs ok?

    Would a PL or PB be any better? (I don't want to be paying out for DD though, as I have a separate amp).

    It's almost tempting to tell them to give me my old telly back, but the whole reason for "upgrading" was because that set had some annoying features - though picture quality wasn't one of them.


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