Peugeot 406 - Strange noises!


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I have a 1998 diesel Pug 406, overall very happy with the car, only a second car, havent had it long but over the last few weeks it has developed a 'rattle' 'knocking' noise, when you pull away or put your foot on the throttle you sometimes here a small knock or a slight rattle, nothing hideous but never the less, its still there. It was going into the local garage for a couple of bits anyway, so asked them to check it out, couldnt find anything, they checked engine mountings, suspension, steering, CV joints etc etc and greased everything and tightened everything up, and yet its still there!!!

My gut feeling is that the exhaust is ever so slightly out of line, and that is causing it as when the car is on tickover there are no odd noises etc, but when you turn the key to turn the engine off you get a slight rattle from underneath somewhere.

Just thought I would ask you guys if any of you had a similar experience or any ideas!!!

Thansk in advance.



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Sorry forgot to mention, its a 1900 diesel turbo.


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Sounds like there is play in a bush/mount somewhere, maybe a gearbox or engine mount as they often give a clunking problem when pulling away when worn.

Though rattle from underneath often suggest an exhaust problem, get some one to rev it hard and have a look and listen underneath see if you can isolate where its coming from.


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Thanks for that, OK will do as you suggest.

Not being to technical myself, its great to have somewhere like this to ask these types of questions!!! :)

Thanks, James.

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