Peugeot 206 airbag lights


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My airbag warning lights have just decided to come on and stay on. The car was never involved in a bump.

When I first bought the car the airbag lights came on but I got the problem sorted through the warranty.

Now 2 years later they have come back on again. Not only that but my horn has decided it will only work once in a while.

Is there a connection somewhere that might be loose or a fuse thats shorted.

It would have to happen with the new MOT laws coming in, regarding warning lights.

Anyone experienced this problem.has knowledge to solve it. I have a feeling it will involve money ;)


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check under the drivers seat i think the connections are there otherwise join an owners club for help:smashin:



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The fuses are to the right/under the steering wheel kind of area if i remember rightly.


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as said, check under the seat as i think the connections are under there. check they all look ok.

if all else fails, sell up and get rid, as they are a bag of *****.


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same here.

in the space of 2-3 months mine went through an injector, a fuel pump, set of hoses, 2 turbos, pollen filter. about £2,000 spent on that little lot.


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tailwhip2000 said:
same here.

in the space of 2-3 months mine went through an injector, a fuel pump, set of hoses, 2 turbos, pollen filter. about £2,000 spent on that little lot.

How did you go through a pollen filter in 2-3 months?


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Same thing happening on my 307. Just passed the MOT despite the warning light. But I was told that new laws coming in soon meaning it will fail next year. Will probably get rid of it then.
If/when you do change your car make sure you avoid anything made in france or italy!

As for the airbag light - get it looked at a independant dealer - they may just be able to reset it - otherwise it could be an expensive problem :(
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I was told the air bag light on my old focus was nothing to worry about. the one morning


the pre-tensioners went off with me in the seat and the car sat on the drive

was a faulty module which needed replacing, along with the pretensioner . Double bubble for the stealer


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There is a part called the clockspring that sits between the steering column and the sterring wheel, this allows the wiring for airbag and horn to connect when the steering wheel moves.

The connectors under the seat are a valid concern but tend to only go if your car is a 3 door of the seat is moved back and forth regularly.
found this

The airbag system does NOT have sensors which check the system constantly.
The only sensors are the impact sensors which consist of a ball bearing in a tube of high viscosity jelly, under an impact of >80 g the ball is forced through the jelly to complete the circuit and set off the airbags.
The system is controlled by an ecu, and if the system detects any open or short circuits in the wiring it will memorise a fault and illuminate the light to let you know you need to take it to a dealer.

The most likely causes are the connections under the 2 front seats for the seatbelt pretensioner and for the side airbags if they are fitted, simply a case of cutting the connector out and joining the wires with a heatshrink solder type sleeve.
The other possibilites are a faulty comm 2000 unit, this would cause a 'drivers level 1 igniter open circuit or short circuit to earth' fault, though it is less common but not unheard of for these units to develop airbag problems.
The actual airbags never usually cause faults.
There could also be a faulty ecu, or a power supply problem to the ecu.
If your battery has recently been flat then it can cause 'temporary supply voltage' and 'passengers airbag deactivation not defined' faults too.

However, whatever is at fault you will need to take it to your dealer to clear the fault codes even if you fix it yourself, so why bother trying to fix it when they will fix it for you for free?

To anyone reading this.
NEVER attempt any work on your car's airbag system unless you know exactly what you are doing.
The airbag components (airbags, side airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, curtain airbags) are pyrotechnic devices which means they are set off by a small explosive charge.
If you inadvertently set off an airbag component when removing it, or when your head is near it you could kill yourself. A few people die each year in the UK alone working with airbag systems when they shouldn't be.
And don't use a multimeter to test the wires either unless you know what you are doing as checking resistance of an airbag WILL detonate it.
Citroen/Peugeot Senior tech.


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Just found out the the pretensioners are not situated under the seats, but inside the side door panels. My left side airbag is fine so its not the Comms 2000 unit but the pretensioner.

Its a Peugeot 2006 SW 2004 and its never let me down.

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