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Nov 7, 2002
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I was wondering if anyone had experienced playback problems with the 'Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights' disc? I've had two copies that exhibit the same fault.

On certain episodes the picture freezes about 10 seconds into the episode. If I skip to chapter 2 then skip back to the beginning of chapter 1 the episode plays OK. Also this happens on different episodes each time I insert the disc, i.e. sometimes Episode 1 & 4 might freeze, next time they're fine and episodes 3 & 6 might freeze, etc.

I am using a Pioneer 626D player and own over 900 Region 1 & 2 discs, all of which play perfectly except for this one, so I'm inclined to believe the fault lies with the disc rather than the player.
Ive played mine on three different machines and have had no problems, certainly nothing like what youve experienced
Yep. First thing I looked for. The twocopies I've had came from the same shop on the first two days of release, so maybe there was a faulty batch. Am going to try another and see.
no probs with mine

when you do get a working copy the comentaries are well worth listening to

very funny
I am also having problems with the Series 1 DVD.

The 1st 5 episodes work fine but the last episode and all the extras except the horse documentary (!) are where i am having problems. THe disc appears to take forever loading up the next bit then it plays a second or 2 then pauses, then plays a second etc.... I have 192 MB of RaM so it cant be the PC i wouldnt think but what do i know?

I thought it might be a dodgy disc but the problem is it doesnt alwys happen in the same place just the same sort of area.

All help very much appreciated, if u prefer to email my address is [email protected] (i disabled it showing on here as i dont want spam)

Thanks in advance

Anthony Rispoli

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