Peter Gabriel - Up


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May 16, 2002
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Has anybody checked out any of the album preview tracks yet. Waited a long time for this I hope it's worth it.
Downloaded the Album last week. My first listen to a P/G Album. Sorry but to me it's rubbish. I can't think it will appeal to anyone other than P/G fans. IMHO.
I managed to get a copy of 'the barry williams show' and after a long time coming it is pretty good pg song. The bass alone is great at the start and its a cool tune

However I hate the way record shops treat classic artists. HMV in the trafford centre had 4 pg single and about 10 of the new bowie track. Great chance of getting new people into pg.

Hope you manage to find a copy
Tell us if you can Kev, and where, I've got So and Us kickin around and might as well add Up, the other two are great albums
I have heard a few tracks yesterday but only via my PC in the office. Zero bass the 3 tracks I heard are defiantly different to So and US he appears to be going right back in style to his first solo stuff. are previewing three tracks a day. So pop along there and have a listen, the tracks are streaming so might be a bit crap over a modem.

Not that impressed with the single The Barry Williams show but I have only heard it the once so far.:(

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