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Peter David had a stroke over xmas hols.


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Got woken early in my hotel and have given up getting back to sleep , while browsing found this news on newsarama. Made me re think getting angry for waking up at 3am.


I was shocked at this but glad he survived and is getting better. It didn't look good early on but this update seems like he is making good progress.

I have loved Peter's work in comic , book and tv for years. His hulk run was massive and told some great stories and was my only marvel comic for years when i was a dc fanboy. His hard aquaman was great also in the 90s and well worth a read for anyone just reading the new dc 52 version. He wrote great trek novels and babylon 5 novels also . Cant remember if if wrote any b5 tv of top of my head but he might have done. I don't know why i haven't read any of his own stuff but that will change today. His scifi set will probably be great and for 99p i'll get his vampire pair.

All the best to peter and family and he recovers and still writes. Next time he is at a uk convention think i'll have to make an effort to see him.
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Not good, hope all gets better for him and his family.
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