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Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by Dream Police, Mar 17, 2005.

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    I recently bought PES4 for the PC but I cant get it to work.
    All that happens when I put the disk in is, the disk spins and I get a flashing light on the front of the PC. It does not read the disk at all. Tried 2 copies of the disk, same problem.
    Works on other PCs but not mine

    People on other forums have told me it is because the game is copy protected and I have a DVD copier.

    I have emailed Konami twice but got no reply, I emailed Sony who make the Securom copy protection. They say it is nothing to do with their copy protection system but they managed to recreate the problem. They have contacted Samsung who make the DVD drive (TS-H552B) to try and find a way round it, not heard anything yet though.

    Any advice gratefully received :lease:

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