Pes4 Online League



Guest allows to meet adversaries online in order to play to Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and Winning 8 Eleven International (PC version).
Every month will be disputed one competition, to participate you have to register in the forum and download the pes4/we8 launcher.
On the launcher use the user and the password of the forum.
The launcher save scores and goals screenshots on the site, the ranking is updated automatically.
International Rooms available.

The rules of PESLEAGUE.

It doesn't need to send report o other, the launcher automatically saves the results for the league, all it takes is starting the client and to look for a challenger in chat.

For every victory 3 points are assigned and for the balance 1 (any limit to the number of the played games), the score results from the mathematical average of all the disputed competitions (to avoid that the new arrivals have tall scores, the average is made on a least number of 40 games).
The games from host are valid until the total of those played from client.

The games are valid at the end of the 90 regulation minutes (you follow link Faqs), the additional ones or the rigors are not considered.
At the end of every month is decreed the best of the league

Do you want to create a private league?
To create a league on PesLeague is simple, enough that an email sends me to albertaceo or a pm from the forum in which you specify me the name of the clan and the player moderator.
To brief you will see to appear in the forum under the link Usergroups the name of yours your league.
To this point you can administer your group of players.
The classification will be exposed in this page.
For convention the consumers participants to a leg aprivatas will owe in the name to specify the league of affiliation.
Example: player [league]
The same players must not be use for playing out games some league, that is you/he/she will have to play only against the adversaries that belong to the same deprived league.
To play in the pesleague is necessary to use a different consumer, the players of the league will appear in the general classification however.

Do you want to found a clan?
To found a clan upon PesLeague is simple, enough that you send an email to albertaceo, angel777 or andersonfabio or a pm from the forum in which the name of the clan and the consumer moderator is specified.
To brief you will see to appear in the forum under the link Usergroups the name of your Clan.
To this point you can administer your group of consumers.
The clans created after the 7 of the month don't have to have members that before 7 they were enrolled to other clans.

Rules and sanctions for infringements
The classification is given by the mathematical average of the picked points of the participants to the clan, the score you/he/she is calculated only if the clan is composed at least from 5 participants until to a maximum of 10 participants for clan.

The exchanges, the exclusions, the eliminations and purchases of new members can have been made Only since 1 to the 7 of the month, in case of infringement a penalty will be combined' of the whole score to the player that changes or it goes out of a clan and the same is worth for the moderator of the same.

The games among members of the same clan can happen only if you/they are calculated for both the members, in case of infringement a penalty will be inflicted' for aiding and abetting equal to 200 points for both the members, more annulment match.

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