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PES4 Dreambox & PS2 pad fix

Discussion in 'Playstation Forums' started by CAS FAN, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. CAS FAN


    Nov 24, 2003
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    The Wheldon Road end!
    As any of you will know who have tried using the Dual Shock 2 with XBox PES4 via a dreambox converter - the buttons (especially the shoulder ones) require a good hard push for them to work!

    There is a fix here that tells you how to solve it. You'll need to sign up to evo web to read the thread so i'll recap here:-

    Basically once the XBox logo has come up just press the Analogue button on the PS2 pad ONCE before the XBox logo vanishes off screen. Bingo the buttons are all now back to their normal PS2 sensitivity. :thumbsup:

    Now I just need my Dreamboxes to arrive from Lik Sang and i'm away!!

    Also PS1 Dualshock 1 pads work as well and you can also rewire the Left shoulder buttons easily in these so that the controls are absolutely identical to those of the PS2 :D

    Also (no point in starting another thread) there's already a patch out for the PC version and this details the changes that it makes. I would have thought that the XBox patch will follow a similar vein.

    I can see the PES4 Live experience getting better and better - proper controls, proper slow down fix and quitter fix! Those are the main issues for me with the other more minor issue being the auto cursor change setting that can't be altered to manual for live games.

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