Pes 5 £14.99

Can you get on the site at the moment - HMV is just dead for me - must be everyone trying to buy this!
Yep, I've got no problem with the link or HMV at moment.

BTW I just had a look at the xbox thread and seen that this bargain is already posted. :oops:
Just reset my router and it worked fine :clap: .
Can they blow this out later because they don't take the money till they despatch.

Otherwise, they will be hit with about 400,000 pre-orders by my reckoning.

Including mine which left my pc about 3 minutes ago!
It doesn't seem like a miss print to me as it clearly says the price, the RRP and the amount you save underneath it. The offer is also on two different products - the PS2 & X-Box versions. That said, it's an absolutely crazy price so unless they are selling this as a loss leader to generate traffic to their sale it does seem too good to be true.

As with any internet price it is only an "invitation to treat" until they take the money, when it then becomes a contract. If the price is wrong then they can legally cancel all pre-orders.
Might even give this a go myself, despite never getting into any footy games :eek: Which would be the best version then? guessing the xbox one right. Trouble is that means waiting for my 360, sold my Xbox already :rolleyes:
Yeah so it must have been a miss price then. My order is still active so hopefully they won't cancel.

Tetlee, I prefer the X-box version of PES4 (faster and more responsive) and i'd guess that the X-Box version of PES5 will also be slightly better. Both have online play this time but Live is a much better service than Sony's offering so i'd still go for the XB version. It'll only be about a month until the 360 is released by the time you get PES5 so not long to wait.
Dear HMV Customer

I am writing to you with regards to your order placed via for the following item:

As I am sure you are aware, this item was mispriced on the HMV web site at £14.99 for a short period of time. Under the notified terms and conditions on the web site, HMV are entitled to withdraw from any contract in the case of obvious errors or inaccuracies regarding the goods appearing on our web site.

However, as a gesture of goodwill, on this occasion only, we are going to honour order placed for the item, but will be restricting this offer to one per customer.

Therefore, please note the following:
o If you have placed an order for more than one unit, your order will now be reduced to one unit
o If you have placed more than one order under the same email address, then only one order will stay active, and all subsequent orders will be cancelled.

Please note that due to stock limitations we are unable to guarantee delivery on the week of release, but will do our best to fulfil your order when possible.


Andrew Cherrett
Ecommerce Customer Service Manager
That's very good of HMV to honour the transaction, many other don't (tesco, are you listening!)

Can't believe I missed this one! :(

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