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Hi all, I am wondering if there are many (any) PES players on here? Having been a FIFA player for a few years I am thinking of giving PES a go after hearing some good things about 20. What I am interested to know is if there is a PES equivalent of Ultimate Team? I never, ever play offline, single player games, I only want to play online - I think the PES equivalent is My Club but I am struggling to find much useful info on it and whether it really is a FUT rival. If anyone can help that would be great.


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I think there is an ultimate team equivalent.

Have you downloaded the demo?


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No, but I got PES 19 on game pass and thought it was awful, just couldn't get to grips with it. MyClub is the FUT equivalent and I hated it. Maybe PES20 will be better/different - I'll wait for it to appear on game pass!


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2019 was a good game but the single player suffers from that eternal problem of dodgy 'catch-up logic' where the AI can take complete control in some circumstances.

So frustrating that I only play multiplayer now.

Hoping '20 is better but I guess it's unlikely.

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