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I have been reading the forums and there seems to be a difference of opinion regarding the Personal Planner Rebuild (wiping or not)

Are there recommended intervals or set times for performing it?

I ask because I tried it after having problems with the hard drive in my Pace V2 and lost all stored programmes,
I eventually got my box running again, stored a couple of recordings and tried the housekeeping again. This time all the recordings remained and everything is working ok.

Does anybody actually use this feature on a regular basis?

I really don’t want to lose my recordings again and put the loss on the first occasion down to the existing fault I had


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The Planner rebuild should not remove any recordings unless they are considered corrupt by the SKY+ in which case they will be removed from the list. For reasons that are totally beyond me a lot of SKY+ users experience errors in reported drive capacity/useage, the planner rebuild was introduced to correct these errors while keeping the recordings intact.
The Housekeeping option (Full System Reset) on the other hand wipes the disk clean, everytime and should be done if you are having serious problems with recordings.

Having said that I've done a Full system reset quite a few times over the years when my hard drive is empty, no idea if it makes any practical difference but it seems to me that startign afresh every now and again is not a bad thing:)
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