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I'm thinking of getting my son a personal cd player with mp3 capability for his xmas, and was leaning towards the Philips exp303 until I discovered it doesn't display track info, which will probably be one of his main considerations. Can anyone recommend a personal cd player that plays in mp3 format, that does display track info.


Hi All, I'm looking for a personal CD player that plays MP3's as well.

I have found the Limit pcd200mp on sale at richer sounds for £49.95

seems like a good price but havent found any spec on it yet... anyone else bought one of these or got any advice on this?

any thoughts appreciated


well while i'm doin some research on this i thought i might post some of my findings.

excuse the messy nature, but you might find a few useful links.

what i am loooking for:

portable MP3/cd player
audio cd, cdr/rw playback
reasonable album navigation (alphebetically listing all songs on cd is not acceptable)
ID3 tag support -
Artist/album/track display
some shock protection

sound reasonable?

also if poss.
cassette player adaptor - its for my girlfriends car stereo
AA nimh battery compatible (i have a charger for these already)
or cigarette lighter power adaptor

so here are a few links...

cd/mp3 at

Philips EXP511 MP3 CD Player__
Was: £74.99
Our Price: £69.99
You Save: £5.00 (6%)

Rio SP50 MP3/CD Player__
Sonic Blue
Our Price: £54.99

not a bad list to take to Tottenham Court Rd and look at products

Panasonic SLMP35 (Portable CD /mp3
i was gonna buy this one - till i read this, only bad review i read - pretty
damming though, if track order is important to you
First, it alphabetizes the files in a ludicrous way: it initially orders
alphabetically the files that start with a capital letter, and then orders
the rest of the files. In other words, the file "The Beatles - Back in
USSR.mp3" will play in a completely different location than "the beatles -
can't buy me love.mp3". This quickly becomes a major headache when listening
to mix CDs, unless you have taken care to rename all the files beforehand --
a major undertaking if your mp3 collection is sizeable. Another apparent bug
is that sometimes you have to press the back button three times to go back a
Philips EXP210
(Portable MP3/CD Player)
On sale in Richer sounds
limit pcd200mp
49.95 inc vat
no reviews - anywhere?
Rio Volt SP 50
review of the rio volt/different model; discontinued at Dabs very positive
iRiver IMP 100 <JavaScript:pre.isOrder=true;,1654,0)>
Sub Total (incl. shipment) 66.88 Total VAT 11.70 Total 78.58
ChromeX IMP150 MP3 CD Player
Product Details £105.00
DAV311 3-in-1 Cd Player
Mfr CodeDAV311
ex VAT£49.00
inc VAT£57.57
you can even download the manual
this thing even plays VCDs !!!
consumer reviews of this unit dont look good...
just mp3's but supports 1d3 tag display - i realize now that this is
important to me
Mfr Code
ex VAT£79.00
inc VAT£92.82
Dion DCP-100 MP3, WMA Audio CD Player
Mfr Code DCP-100
Quicklinx 202N99
dabspoints 99
ex VAT £85.00
inc VAT £99.87

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