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Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by dazed&confused, Mar 26, 2005.

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    To keep boxes to a minimum, I think I would like to get a hard disk drive recorder with a built in Free-view tuner (or maybe go the SKY TV route and get the equivalent box for that).

    The one thing that puts me off is there may be occasional times when I might want to keep a permanent recording of something on disk. So maybe I should buy a DVD recorder instead? It seems to me that a possible solution might be to record onto the hard disk recorder then somehow hook this up to my computer and use the DVD writer on that to make a permanent copy.

    Would this be possible, and if so how? And would I then be able to play this on a DVD player?

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    Yes it is possible and quite a few people have gone down this route (a thread already on this I believe?). Basically you will need to have some sort of capture device installed on your computer wether it be internal or external. The amount of money that you are willing to spend on this will dictate the quality of recording. You could also obtain a TV capture card, digital or analogue and connect the HD recorder/Sky box upto that. As for viewing on a dvd, it all depends on what type of dvd recorder ie + or - that you have installed on your pc and of course what type of discs the dvd you will be using to playback the disc can handle? If you had a dual media recorder then there should be no probs with the playback as it will be either one or the other. A little bit of experimentation will be in order :)

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