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(cross posting from Home Cinema Speakers cause I think I may have put the original thread in the wrong forum?

Hi all

I've inherited a legacy 6.1 system from 2006 or so. It's in mint condition and have never really been used. It's just been sitting in my parents living room while they've been using their standard TV speakers for some reason.

Anyhow, I've connected it here at home but there's this periodic clicking sound coming from all the speakers. I've recorded it here:

The volume of the click is proportional to the volume controls and the characteristics of it change when I change sound mode (jazz, classic, rock and so forth).

The same sound is also heard when using the remote/touch screen. If I hold the volume buttons on either the remote or touch screen the very same click is heard until I release the finger. It also occurs regardless of the input source chosen. I can even leave all inputs disconnected without any difference. It's also heard on top of any input source data, albeit not very audible cause the music or whatever covers it.

This is really annoying cause I like the system otherwise. Looks great, has plenty of watts, surround and all that.

Things I've tried so far:
* Disconnect the touch screen from the main unit
* Remove batteries from remote
* Removed the FM receiver from the main unit
* Removed the optical CD reader from the main unit
* Covered the IR receiver on the main unit with nail polish
* Removed power from wireless rear system.

Strangely enough, or maybe it's just my imagination, but when I disconnected the CD reader the clicks disappeared for a while. But when I reassembled the main unit the clicks were back again.

The noise is so regular so I'm having a hard time believing in bad caps, it sounds "digital", but I'm not really an electronics guy.

I'm really lost here. I know the system is ancient. My plan is to open the subwoofer (which acts as a kind of hub for the front speakers) tomorrow but I've got no clue what to look for. Would appreciate any input.

Many thanks 😊

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