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Perhaps the best DVD player?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Audionyx, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Audionyx

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    Dec 10, 2002
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    North Yorkshire
    My hands were trembling with trepidation as I carefully removed my new baby from its beautifully sealed cardboard enclosure. Clad in a protective foam slip, it laid waiting for my gentle caress. A nervous energy overcame my usual composure as I eased this electronic wonder out and into the air for that inaugural moment. In an instant the connections were made and the foundations laid for what was to be a resplendent evening of aural and ocular entertainment.

    The television groaned to life as magnetism took hold in the windings and ferrite cores. White noise was replaced by the jet black – oh the blacks – welcome screen of this digital and most versatile of discs source. The tray glided open with the slickness of a low viscosity oil, awaiting its silver platter of digital victuals. I agonised for an age as to the choice of motion picture that was to baptize my new procurement. My eyes vacillated over the choice that stood temptingly on the shelves. At last, an out-stretched hand seized Tolkein’s masterpiece so wonderfully visualized by the Kiwi Jackson. The tray closed and I sat back, optically alert to the subsequent stimuli…

    My jaw transcended open, dropping canoe-like to the floor as images played hallucinogenic games on my mind. I was there; sat with Frodo in the lush pasture, all manner of wildlife singing the ballads of creature chemistry filled my ears. Oh the experience was wonder personified and one that shall be embossed on my mind till my final hour. For finally I have climbed the seemingly unattainable peak to reach the zenith of what my ambition has sought – home cinema perfection.

    So dear reader, you may ask what was my guide in life, my mentor and guru to this karma? Well I shall now make known to those who seek this clandestine information –

    Pioneer DVD-360, best player for under-a-ton! Well worth the cash and perfect as a second room system or entry into the world of digital-visual-delights!

    Take it easy,


    Remember, this can be fun too (as I wrap myself in asbestos prior to the flames!!!) - more tea vicar?

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