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Just received this

"This week's Display Monitor carries the report of AUO's quarterly results.
At the time of the announcement, AUO is widely reported to have received orders for 40" LCD panels from Samsung's TV business and Hui Hsiung of AUO has said that the company is ready to go into pilot production of the size.
This could be very significant for the development of the market in several ways.

Up to now, the 40" size has only been available in volume from S-LCD, the Sony and Samsung joint venture, or from Samsung. All the other major makers, led by LG.Philips LCD and including AUO, have been lining up behind 37" and 42" as the key sizes. This has meant that for LCD brands that had to decide between 40" and 42", if they chose 40", then they also had to choose a single source supplier. Samsung has a good reputation as a supplier, but it is always a good policy in purchasing to have an alternative supply route. Furthermore, the single source supplier was vertically integrated with two of the top LCD TV brands, especially in the US and that could mean tough competition and potentially being some way down the list when allocations were being made.

The AUO move has changed all of that. Set makers will now have a second source for 40" panels and more capacity will come into the size. This makes life even harder for 37" suppliers with G6 fabs who will come under even more pressure.

But there is another factor here. We have pointed out regularly in the past that while Samsung, LG.Philips LCD, Sharp and IPS Alpha all have major vertically integrated TV brands, the Taiwanese makers do not. The AUO decision to make 40" leads us to believe that the company is simply not confident enough that its existing TV set customers can absorb enough 42"
panels to keep its new G7.5 plant, which is just ramping up, in full production. This is not a good sign for the other makers of 42" such as CMO and LG.Philips LCD."

Might be relevant news to some!

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