Perfect Symmetry - Keane


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Arrived today, hurrah! I've got the deluxe version and according to the sticker on the front its got the CD, DVD and a Digital Insert. Whats the digital insert, i on;y have the 2 discs? Is it one of those 3d things like the Superman Returns cover of Empire a few years back or the one in the VHS of Independence Day:D?

Just curious as i don't seem to have one. :confused:

Anyway, listening to the album now so not heard it all yet. Like Spiralling a lot, very catchy but then i've heard it loads. I like the sound of some of it, a few i've not fancied so much. But it's only the first listen and i'm fond of Under The Iron Sea (i'm Keane on it, y'see :rotfl:).

the boots man

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been listening to it myself today, some good tracks, its got alot to live up to for me though as under the iron sea is one of my fav albums ever, spiralling is a stand out track for me, very catchy


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Is the singer on the new album, the same singer that sang on Under an Iron Sea album?

Been listening to the new album, and the singer sounds more like James?


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Cracking album with 'Lovers are losing' my fav track so far after 4th listen, but that may change in time. Going to see the tour next year as well, which im really looking forward to as the 'iron sea' tour was fantastic!

Same singer as last 2 album but he does sound slightly different but still great though!


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Just trying to get my head around this.
I absolutely love under the iron sea, one of my favourite albums ever.

Not sure about this yet, although I do like the 80's feel as that is my era :D

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