people with trouble with adsl BB may find this handy


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if your BB is v slow, or gets disconnected regularly, you may be interested to know i had the same issue and fixed yesterday. <sorry if everyone knows this already!>


After a year of annoying disconnects of my broadband and infuriating online gaming i have finally <i think> fixed my phone line and broadband.

I just had to open up my main bt socket and cut one of the wires (the old ringer wire which was used to make the phone ring way back but not used now) apparently it adds some noise to the line.

my connection has gone from in just over an hr

connecting at 12mb with 1400 crc errors and a 5ish db signal to noise ratio to

connecting at 21mb (tho limited to 16mb by sky) with ~100 crc errors and a 6 - 7db signal to noise ratio and have had no disconnects (not to mention the most lag free gaming session since getting ADSL2).

apparently this affects loads of people and is something that everyone with an old school bt phoneline without a proper bt engineer master socket should do (if you have a newer socket simply plug into to bt engineer master socket for the same effect) to do this just unscrew the master socket faceplate and use the hidden phone socket.

BT charge £120 + vat to do the same thing, took me 30 secs

the 2 wires to keep are the ones wired into 2 and 5 of the master bt socket (both are blue and white wires)

you may have 1 or 2 orange and white wires connected to points 3 and 4. these can both be removed.

i take no responsibility for you boobing your line up ;)

thank you


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I hope that you don't mind me pointing this out but if you had done a search before posting, you would have found that disconnecting the ring wire is common knowledge.

BT don't charge £120 to do this but Openreach can make a charge if they are called in by an ISP and find a fault in one's internal wiring.

However something that that Openreach will do is: if they find an old style socket they will replace it with a modern NTE5.


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you sound like you know what you are talking about, however areyou sure about no charge, if so i may as well still get someone out to fit a new NTE5

when i spoke to the support person they warned me that there could be a call out charge for the phone line, as the line tested ok as far as they were concerned.

at the time i didnt know what the problem was mind you, just that my internet was rubbish.

also i did say sorry if was common knowledge however i did search for info on here before finding the answer elsewhere, so even if it is old news to you, if there is just 1 person who it helps then its all good, after all its only 1 more post to get lost in the deluge, so shouldnt harm anyone ;)

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