People - Brothers in Arms.


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My two young lads (aged 2yrs & 3yrs)...taken last weekend in Highgate Woods, North London.

I'm not saying they're ugly, but I have to photograph them from behind! (& we had to have their pram fitted with shutters :D)

Canon EOS350D Aperture f2.8, Shutter speed 1/320sec, ISO400.
Sigma 80-200mm f2.8 DG, picture taken at 180mm

Image cropped slightly, small bit of unsharp mask & desaturation, purple fringing filter to remove slight occurence on eldest's right sleeve....

...the photo also looks very nice in B&W Sepia with some 'mood grain' added, but hey....B&W sepia get's done to death!

richard plumb

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very nice shot. Almost has an old style postcard feel to it, or perhaps a hovis ad. Very evocative - love the post processing


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Wow...thanks for all the favourable comments!

Re the postcard feel - I can see what you mean, more so when it's in sepia with grain added (& cropped a little more)... I say, I actually prefer it in Sepia (also the nice scattered pools of light are emphasised more in monotone), but I resisted the urge to submit it in Sepia as it can get over used! :boring:


lovely shot - looks excellent in sepia also!!:clap:

John 1987

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Such a powerful image, great shot.


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the_caretaker said:
Very nice shot, how long did you have to threaten them to keep still :D nicley done.
LOL...unfortunately, their vocabulary is too limited to threaten them verbally (unless you can think of a way of weaving 'dog', 'cat', 'juice', 'house' etc into a sinister sentence?!), but nothing that a few nails & extra strength Loctite couldn't sort! :D

BTW I'm humbled by all your nice comments.

And just to illustrate what a lottery photography can be, here's the only other shot I managed to take just 3 seconds (before they were off to investigate a mud pool or similar!)... a bit of of lens shake, not as well composed, a tad underexposed, soft, blah blah

Photography...what part skill, what part luck eh?!!


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I voted for your entry this month and would have voted for this one as well if it had been entered. Both really capture a couple of special moments.

Well done.


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