Penny, Samsung or lg?


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Went to comet today to buy a 3dtv.
Have narrowed it down three, can you kind people give me your views thanks

Samsung d800 55 inch

Lg 55LW650T 55 inch

Panasonic GT30 50inch

The tv will be used equally between Xbox 360, 3d football on sky and blu ray movies.

The salesman confused me when he said that passive was much better but could not explain why, I thought active was the better system.

Any help much appreciated.*



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About LG (47w650T - november build).... 3d looks good but its one big disappointment. why? 2d looks quite bad: washed out colours even after calibration, poor blacks , problem with backlight plus horizontal banding, big imput lag even after update.... 2d on my 2 years old sharp 40le700 looks much better. right now im looking at Optoma HD300X 1080p 3D / Panasonic Viera TX-P50ST30 Plasma 3D or SONY KDL46NX723BU/S. hope it help


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Go demo the GT30 and D8000 plasma, great sets. I have the 46" GT30 and love it, HD is stunning, gaming is great and SD is good bad depending on whats sent to the set.

Some find the Panasonics a tad dark, the Smasung is able to go brighter but I prefer the deeper black level of my GT30.

Go see if you can get a demo of both.
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