pele an his bloody adverts


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Aug 13, 2001
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is anyone else thinking of killing pele i mean i know he was a hell of a footie player but he must be in serious debt or have one really bead penis erection problem lol.those adverts could be the worst on telly if it comes on again while im watching telly im gonna kidnap him an make him overdose on the pills.:D
I know i was watching the sci fi channel tonight and the pele adverts were on, i must say they're getting better. Just remember guys there is help out there for you haha *softie*
I'm sure that Pele couldn't speak English. He was probably told that he was advertising a sports drink.
Thats funny cos I had a job interview yesterday, and the only thing on the table to read was a brochure about erection problems featuring Pele.
hang on your suppose to be bloody blind sorry couldnt resist lol :p
Maybe his guide dog can speak!! :D

If you look at the advert carefully, you'll see that actually he ISN'T in that advert.

What I mean is, his image has been superimposed on to a digitally created/filmed background showing a football stadium. This is best noticed, on any digital TV channel that shows the advert in widescreen. Look closely at the very bottom of the advert, just above the bottom widescreen bar, and you will see his body has been digitally cut-off, around his chest-level. Duh!!

Not to mention the fact that he never actually mentions the "product" he's flogging! :D Well, that is, he never actually says "Erection Problems". I don't even believe that's his real voice. It's probably someone else pretending to be him!

What a bad advert!

Originally posted by AccursedDelphi

haha now that would be interesting, Delphi hands out elastic bands. :D

Thats just reminded me of a scarey encounter with some male strippers who were on at a pub I worked at a few years ago.

Cheers Delphi!!:eek:
ah the old elastic band mans best friend or worse enemy one of my mates at the gym had a bit of a nightmare with elastic band incident lol.strippers are under payed an seriously putting there life on the line lmao :clown:
Originally posted by Stir Fried Boil
So who's rung the hotline number then :D

Dont need to ring because....

A. notice the sponser Pfizer? well they make Viagra & own Wilkinson Sword and thats who the mrs works for!:D

and B. I dont have a problem! :D


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