Peerless PRG UNV mount and HW40es keystone adjustment issue


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Finally got my sony hw40es mounted on my peerless PRG unv mount however it's suffering from a horizontal keystoning issue. The right hand side of the image has a smaller height than the left hand side and I just wanted some advise on how best to correct this.

I appreciate that the issue is caused by the projector not being mounted 100% straight in front of the screen (due to either the mount on the ceiling or the bit on the projector not being bang on straight), however I'm assuming that loosening the security bolts on the arms of the mount slightly and rotating the projector could fix it? As that way the projector would then be face on.

My question is, has anyone done this whilst the projector is still hanging as it would be a pain to keep taking it off whilst making adjustments? Just want to be sure that it's safe.

Peter Parker

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The pj is rotated slightly to the left, so the right hand side of the lens is closer to the screen and therefore smaller than the right.

When you twist the pj to the right, that will straighten things out, but then you'll probably find that the image has moved off the screen sightly, so then you'll have to use the lens shift to move the image to the left a bit.

I'm not familiar with your mount but you should be able to do it while it is running as you'll need to see the image to get it square on the screen. That's how I've always done mine with it fixed to the ceiling.



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Cheers, I took a gamble and slacked off the screws and it was fine, rotated with no problem. I was just worried it would be on the floor.

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