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Peekton PK6022 - updated firmware, sound doesn't work


Standard Member
I purchased a PEEKTON DVD/DivX PK6022 from pixmania and decided to update the firmware.

Unfortunately the website is French but I navigated my way through and downloaded the update and burnt it to CD. I then asked a very kind person to translate the pdf file to English and it all sounded easy.

I updated it and it seemed ok but then I tested a disc and the sound didn't work. The sound worked fine before the update.

I checked the settings and they all look the same as before. I tried changing them but the sound still didn't work.

It's connected to my TV via scart lead as I don't have surround sound in my bedroom.

Can anyone think what may be wrong with it? :suicide:

Is there a way to downgrade firmware?

Thank you.


Novice Member
Turn it off unplug give it 10mins then turn it back on. Sound will be back on its a known effect turning upgrading the firmware.

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