Peculiar question about the Onkyo TXSR605 direct @ owners.


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I am certain that this is the AV receiver I would like to get (after seeing all the awards its recieved recently) but have one question for owners of TXSR605's which might seem slightly strange to people. I have trawled the forums for several weeks now and have yet to find to find an answer to this question.

The quoted height of the unit is 174 mm. However my TV bench would only fit an absolute maximum of 160 mm. Looking at pictures of the Onkyo I can see that it is slightly raised with rubber feet and that the front panel sticks out slightly above the rest of the unit. This picture seems to indicate that the feet take up at least 1.5 cm. Ofc I cant reliably tell just by looking at pictures.

Im wondering firstly whether if the feet are removable, and secondly whether the unit will fit in my bench without the feet if they are removable. Also if someone could measure the height of the "back end" of the reciever it would be much appreciated.

I know I could just put the receiver on a box or something next to my bench, but the space in my bedroom is quite limited and Im somewhat of a perfectionist (to my detriment) and cant stand it when things just "dont" fit. It sounds stupid but Im really considering to get the lower specced 505 just because its only 150mm tall!

If anyone who owned a 605 could take their time to find out the questions to my answers I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


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Without seeing the unit, i'd assume that the feet are to aid airflow underneath the unit to cool it down.. as such removing them (which i assume is where you're going with this) isn't a good idea at all!!!


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Dead right, if i have the amp on allday in the attic i have to turn the radiator off.The top gets very hot so would need airflow above.Obversely thats the 674 but i assume they produce the same amount of heat.


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Ah, thanks for the quick replies.

I had completely forgotten about the heat issue - thanks for pointing that out. :oops:

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