Peculiar problems with my Pixel Plus

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by niranjanp, Mar 10, 2005.

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    I am from India. I got a 34" Philips Pixel Plus TV (34PT9420) in last May. The picture I thought had been ok. But there seem to be some problems in the set which are kind of hard to live with :mad:

    1. A particular problem is that when I turn the TV on, and switch to a particular source (say, component DVD), the picture goes bad. There is some pixelization (a somewhat blocky picture with not so well defined edges). But when I turn the TV off from mains and restart it, the picture looks normal! (I thought it only happened to Microsoft Windows :D The same is true with all types of sources including cable.

    Could this be due to some sort of 'initialization' bug? What should I try to get replaced?

    2. Off late (last 2 months), another problem has cropped up. The picture from cable (which is brought by an RF connection) for most of the channels has gone really bad (inclined bands on some, a lot of noise on some). I did try all sorts of manual and auto tuning. Out of curiosity, I turned on the dual-PIP in order to compare the picture. To my surprise, I found that the picture on the PIP half was acceptable, but that on the default half was totally unacceptable. I turned off Pixel Plus, Active Control and all such stuff, so that I could have a fair comparison. The cable transmission on these channels on my old 21" TV seems fine. There are no bands, no noise.

    Does this mean that my 'feature box' on the default side has gone bad?

    Finally, in a moment of realization, I shed all my laziness and contacted the Philips service centre. Unfortunately, the service people do not seem to be competent enough to understand that the problem is something other than the cable transmission. The TV did show an error 003 in the service menu and 'feature box' as the defective module. So, I have convinced them to replace the feature box, but they are not sure whether it will cause any improvements.

    Could someone please shed some light on what could be happening, and provide pointers to how I should approach the problem? :lease:

    Thanks in advance,
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    Alas I don't know what exactly is causing the problem with your set, but I can give a few hints. The feature box contains all the digital picture processing, and on M. Majoor's service menu page, it lists error 003 as a fault in the PICNIC processor. The PICNIC is the main picture processor which also does A/D and D/A conversion of the picture signal. The PIP function may either have its own separate PICNIC processor, or other components to process the picture.

    Since the service menu did indicate a fault there, I would trust it is indeed the feature box that needs fixing and not something else.

    If you haven't yet visited M. Majoor's service menu site, here's the address:

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