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Been looking forward to watching this and only just got the US release today, not the best pq and there seems to be alot of picture noise going on, I dug further and it appears that its MPEG2 encoded which may well be the problem. Does anyone know if this is a 25gb or 50gb disc? If its an early disc then the mpeg2 doesnt suprise me and it would not suprise me if its a single layer too, its got a fair bit of extras on the disc so with a 3 hour movie i'm sure 25gb wouldnt do justice with mpeg2 encoding.

Still, it does look good and i'll enjoy it:thumbsup:


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Pearl Harbour is MPEG2 on a BD50. With the sharpness of HD over DVD you do see alot more detail, which is good, but also the grain which is bad. PH is one of the few movies I've had running side by side in HD and DVD and flicked quickly from one to the other to see exactly what the difference is. The DVD is quite good for PQ but suffers from the usual compression artifacts and edge enhancements. DVD smooths the grain away which gan make it look nice but at the expense of detail. I know which version I prefer.


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Wasn't this possibly the most terrible movie ever made?


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Nothing with Kate Beckinsale in it can ever be that bad. :D

BTW for the original poster, you do realise that the UK version is region free?


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The film can be a bit grainy but I think it looks pretty good on BD.


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Sure the movie was a bit of a mixed bag. Why Hollywood keeps going down the romantic trip in these films is quite nauseating though. There is a war going on and people are more concerned about what happeneds to Kate Beckinsale :rotfl: :D lol

But the disc - the attack on Pearl Harbor itself - is a bit of a show piece in my opinion. It's probably the only reason i got it on Blue Ray. The soundtrack via PCM is quite astonishing and real system tester in my view.... :cool:

Tim :)

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