Pearl Harbor, The Director's Cut on HDD as a single film - Part III

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    This is continuing from my two previous posts:

    Part I -
    Part II -

    Part I gave some background and some useful links.

    Part II Detailed how to rip and Re-author the two Pearl Harbor discs of the film to your HD, using DVDShrink

    As before, the software you'll need for this is:

    DVDShrink -
    IfoEdit -
    VobEdit -

    Credits - The bulk of this part of the guide has been copied/adapted from this post (specifically the Reply by Wingerz):

    2. Process the two rips from the first and second discs of Pearl Harbor

    Follow these instructions exactly as I have found that where I've missed a part out then it usually doesn't work or you get the wrong result. On one attempt I created a single film from the two rips but when played back various Chapters were in the wrong place!

    a) Change the VOB Id for the rip of the second part of the film. Remember, this was ripped to the Folder PH2 (see Part II posr previously)

    - Go to Folder PH2 and then into the VIDEO_TS Folder. Rename the single VTS_01_1.VOB file to VTS_01_001.VOB

    - Launch VobEdit and click Open then navigate to to the VTS_01_001.VOB file in PH2/VIDEO_TS. Highlight the file and click Open. You will now see that the left section of VobEit is filled with information (no idea what most of it is)!

    - Select from the Edit menu Join Clips

    - In the Save As screen that appears, allow VobEdit to save the destination as VTS_01_1.VOB in the same Folder PH2, click Save

    - in the next Dialog screen set the First VOB-ID to 4 (since the VOB Id's of the rip of the first disc are 1, 2 & 3 and we want consecutive numbering).

    Note - To determine the VOB Id's of the first part of Pearl Harbor, launch IfoEdit and click Open. Then navigate to the Folder containing the first disc rip, in this case PH1 and then into the VIDEO_TS Folder. You should then be presented with the option of two IFO fies, you want to highlight the one called VTS_01_0 and click Open. A lot of technical information will have now appeared but you want to look at the info in the bottom half of the screen (titled VTS Overview). First you will see a small amount of info under the titles Menu Attributes and then Title Set (Movie) Attributes. After these two titles you will see a list of info for the Chapters/Cells, on the right of the top line you should see (uses VOB IDs 1, 2, 3). Once noted, close IfoEdit.

    - click OK and let VobEdit do its thing

    - In our case VobEdit will have now split the original VTS_01_1.VOB (that we re-named to VTS_01_001.VOB) into three new files VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, VTS_01_3.VOB

    Note - VobEdit has, amongst other tasks, split the original file down of just over 2.25Gb into two 1Gb chunks and third smaller file for the remainder. 1Gb VOB file sizes are the standard specification.

    b) Rename the VOB files VobEdit created in PH2 (the second part of the film)

    - The last VOB file for the rip of the first disc in Folder PH1/VIDEO_TS is VTS_01_6.VOB, so in order to join the VOB files from PH2, the three PH2 VOB files need to be renamed in order to follow on. In this case the files should be renamed as follows:

    From VTS_01_1.VOB to VTS_01_7.VOB
    From VTS_01_2.VOB to VTS_01_8.VOB
    From VTS_01_3.VOB to VTS_01_9.VOB

    - Copy the above files from Folder PH2/VIDEO_TS to PH1/VIDEO_TS

    - Before going futher, check now that in the Folder PH1/VIDEO_TS you have nine VOB files starting at VTS_01_1.VOB through to VTS_01_9.VOB

    c) Create new IFOs:

    Now in PH1/VIDEO_TS as well as the nine VOB files there should also be:


    - Make a temp sub-folder in PH1/VIDEO_TS, say ORIGINAL IFO and move all the abover IFO & BUP files into it

    - Launch IFOEdit and click on the Create IFOs button at the bottom of the screen

    - In the Create new IFO Files screen make sure you select Create 1 PGC only and Create Chapter for each Cell and
    check the Same as source box for the Destination directory for IFO files

    - browse to Folder PH1/VIDEO_TS and select VTS_01_1.VOB, then click OK and let IFOEdot do its thing

    - When complete there will be new VIDEO_TS and VTS_01_0 IFOs and BUPs in Folder PH1/VIDEO_TS

    d) Final fixup with IFOEdit

    Apparently, in order for fast forward and reverse to work properly, the VOB files must be processed once more with IFOEdit to fix navigational structures.

    - Create a new Folder where you want to keep the finished film, most probably where your other rips are stored, in this example we'll use Pearl Harbor - The Director's Cut.

    - Launch IFOEdit, click Open, navigate to the VTS_01_0.IFO in Folder PH1/VIDEO_TS and click Open

    - Now click on the button VOB Extras at the bottom of the screen, this will display the VOB Extras Options screen.

    - Every option box should be checked EXCEPT:

    Rebuild PTS
    Split to 2 DVD-Rs
    Remove IIvu/Angle Point

    - Select a Destination Directory (for this example Pearl Harbor - The Director's Cut mentioned above), click OK

    - A new screen will appear Stream List. Check the Streams to be kept, in my case there were three:

    Audio 1 - which is the DTS soundtrack ID 0x88
    Subpicture 1 ID 0x20
    Subpicture 2 ID 0x21

    - Make sure Correct IFO tables checkbox at the bottom of the screen is checked, click Strip it

    - Now you will be presented with a list of the VOB Ids. In the case of Pearl Harbor there are eight, check them all.

    - Make sure the Correct IFO tables checkbox is still checked

    - Click Strip It and let IFOEdit process the files

    When IfoEdit finishes, the completed film will be in the Folder as if you had simply ripped a normal single disc film. For those of you who are determined to burn films onto discs, you can now further process the film in DVDShrink to apply Compression BUT don't forget to change back Split VOB files into 1Gb chunks in Preferences to split files at 1GB.

    Apparently, the audio stream and subtitle stream information in the IFOs created by IFOEdit will not contain the correct language information, nor will the subtitle colors be correct. However, using the information from the original IFOs (in the ORIGINAL IFO Folder created earlier), IFOEdit can be used to restore the information, though I have no idea how, yet!

    The Chapter points in the new IFOs may not match up with the original
    Chapter points, as each cell has been designated as a Chapter. Cells that shouldn't be Chapters can also be easily adjusted using IFOEdit. I didn't find a problem with this on Pearl Harbor. I would really like it if someone could detail how to adjust Chapters or give a link to a guide on this.

    So, now, when I play this film in Theatertek, it shows 54 Chapters, Fast Forward/Reverse works and the time bar shows that the film is 3h 02m long.

    The point at which the film goes from where the original first disc finishes and the second starts, while seemless, needs tweaking a bit. This is only because I didn't get the start frame quite right when Re-authoring the second disc, there was still a slight echo (mentioned previously) from the ending scene on the first disc. In this respect, Lord of the Rings Extended Editions will be much easier as the end and start scenes are sudden rather than fade out and fade in.

    Well that's it for now but in Part IV (tomorrow hopefully), I'll put a 'twist' on what I've been through here which will open up some interesting possibilities.

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