Pearl Harbor, The Director's Cut on HDD as a single film - Part II

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    This is continuing from my previous post:

    Part I gave some background and some useful links.

    Part II was going to be where I detailed the exact steps I went through to create a single film from a the Pearl Harbor, The Director's Cut two disc DVD but this is taking quite a bit of time and a lot of words (especially for a non-typer). So, in Part II I am only going to detail how to rip (and Reauthor) the two discs to your PC. I am no expert on this subject (far, very far from it) but I've followed and (where neccessary adapted) existing info and guides. I am hoping the more knowledgable of you will be able to enhance this guide and perhaps explain what's going on. But if you do add to this, please ensure you explain in simple terms any technical jargon or tasks as this guide is intended for people who don't know or don't want to know the complexities of what's happening 'behind the scenes'.

    Right, lets get started -

    The software you'll need for this is:

    DVDShrink -
    IfoEdit -
    VobEdit -

    I use Theatertek and WinDVD to play rips and I have AnyDVD running to allow Multiregion playback of DVD discs (just info as this may not be relevant to the task).

    1. Rip and Re-Author the two Pearl Harbor discs

    a) Set-up two Folders on your Hard Disk (HD). PH1 and PH2, for example.
    Note - Make sure you have plenty HD space available, at least 20Gb (though the final result will be under 8Gb)

    b) Insert the first disc of Pearl Harbor (PH) and start DVDShrink.

    - Wait a few seconds for the disc to 'spin up' and then click Open Disc which will open a the Open DVD Disc screen (this should automatically navigate to your DVD drive otherwise browse to the correct location).

    - In my case the screen shows F:\[PEARLHARBOR1] click OK.

    - DVDShrink will now take a few minutes to analyse the disc. Upon completion, DVDShrink will display details about the disc.
    Note - Before going any further, now would be a good time to check that in Preferences (found in the Edit menu) the setting Split VOB files into 1Gb chunks (this is under the Output Files tab) is checked.

    - Click on the Re-author button at the top
    Make sure you've worked through the tutorials on Re-author as I will assume you have done this in what follows, the links are in Part I

    - Drag the Main Movie (in my case Title 1) over to the upper left box

    - Now click the Set Start/End Frames icon

    - I left the Start point untouched but changed the End point but I'll let you decide where you want the rip of this first disc to end
    Note - This Region 1 disc is a bit awkward as the end (where President Truman addresses Congress) just fades out. The beginning of disc 2 starts on the next scene but there is the echo of Congress applauding the President. So the best idea is to play the appropriate part of each disc beforehand to determine exactly where you want to end disc 1 and start disc 2. Two disc films that end and start abrubtly make it easier to get a more professional result.

    - Click the Compression Settings tab and change the compression from Automatic to No Compression
    You will remember from Part I that I'm not interested in burning the result back to disc thus no compression

    - Check the Audio and Subpicture streams that you want and uncheck the ones you don't want. In my case I only selected audio DTS 5.1 English and subpicture English - Normal Captions
    NB - Make sure that whatever Audio and Subpicture streams you select for this first disc, you also select the same ones on the second disc, no more, no less. This is important as the streams need to match from both discs when they are later joined.

    - Now click the Backup icon at the top. You will immediately get a warning, Target Size Exceeded (assuming you have the default DVDShrink setting for a standard recordable disc in Preferences). This is just advising you that what you are about to Backup is too big to fit on a recordable disc. Click Yes to continue.

    - You will now be presented with the Backup DVD screen. Make sure that Save Target Device is set to Hard Disk Folder and that you check Create VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS subfolders. Under the Select target folder for DVD output files, browse to the location of the Folder that you created for the first disc (the PH1 example I mentioned above).

    - Click OK and DVDShrink will now beginning ripping your selection to the Folder. The time this takes will vary from PC to PC, anything from 15 minutes to 40+ (see my tip in Part I if you have a Plextor 708 DVD player).

    - Once the rip has completed you will see a summary screen confirming it's done and how long it took.

    - You now need to repeat the procedure from b) for the second disc BUT with a crucial difference. After opening DVDShrink, you must uncheck Split VOB files into 1Gb chunks (this is under the Output Files tab in Preferences). Yes, this is the opposite setting to what we had for the first disc and will create a single VOB larger than the 1Gb standard size for VOB files on DVDs. I have found that if I don't do this, I won't get right result.

    - Decide in Re-author, Set Start/End Frames, where you want the second disc rip to start from and this is also your oppurtunity to end the rip with or without the credits

    - Also remember to pick the exact same Audio and Subpicture stream you had when ripping the first disc

    - Make sure you save the second disc rip to the other Folder (the PH2 example I mentioned above) and NOT into the same Folder as the first disc rip!

    That's it for now, Part III and possibly IV, V, VI to follow :smashin:

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