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Pearl Harbor, The Director's Cut on HDD as a single film - Part I

Discussion in 'Computer Components' started by esta56, Jul 19, 2004.

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    Jun 18, 2003
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    Thought people may be interested in my attempt to have a two disc film ripped to a HDD and play in Theatertek as a single complete film. In this two part guide, Part I will give some background and links to other useful guides, Part II will detail exactly how I went about creating my single film.

    First, some background. I have an HTPC set-up (3.2Ghz, 1Gb Ram, two 300Gb Maxtor HDDs, Plextor 708 DVD player/writer, ASUS 9800XT Graphics, sound output to my AV Amp) this feeds my 50" Plasma and JVC Projector. My intention when I put this Home Theater together was to backup all my DVDs to HDD and use the PC as a video Jukebox. I have used DVDShrink to date BUT - I only rip the Film (no extras) and I don't apply any Compression. I have no interest in ripping films to then burn them onto another disc (I designed my set-up to make this a pointless exercise).

    While I have had no problems ripping single disc films (DVD5 or DVD9), until recently I hadn't looked at any of my two disc films. What I desired was to rip a two disc film and 'somehow' end up with it all combined into a single film on my HDD, that when played through Theatertek, allowed Chapter Skip and Fast Forward/Backward to work. I wanted the Chapters to start at number 1 and increase by one sequentially until the end of the film (not start at 1 and increase to, say, 26 and then re-start at 1 again where the second part of the film is joined to the first). If I Pause the play back, I want the time bar to show the complete time of the film and not just the time of the first part of the film (from the first disc) or the second part, depending on where you are in the film. In otherwords, I wanted a two disc film to end up on my HTPC as if it had come from a single disc, easy, right?

    Hmm, well it may be easy to someone who knows DVDs inside out and is proficient in technical software but not to me. I have had to research and read posts from various Forums and pose my own questions in order to try and understand the problems and try and come up with a way of acheiving what I wanted. While there may already be a good link or guide on this subject, I couldn't find it. A lot of what I read is geared up to ripping a disc to then burn onto another disc (which as stated above, I have no interest in) or is very Technical (and so may as well have been written in another language)!

    It has taken several weeks but I have succeeded in creating a single film from the Pearl Harbor (Director's Cut) Region 1 which comes in a four disc set with the film split on the first two discs.

    Some of you may have seen my post from earlier this month:


    This post was part of my research and is also discussing my ultimate aim, creating a single film from the three LOTR Extended Edition films. :eek:

    In Part II, I will explain in detail how I acheived my single Pearl Harbor film and I will assume no technical knowledge (so should be very boring to anyone who knows this subject in detail)! I still don't have any real technical know how, I've just acquired enough info, guides and understanding to allow me to do this exercise. As well as my earlier post (above) have a look at these links, as this will help you understand some DVD basics and other useful info:


    This is a very good guide on the file structure of DVDs that is mostly understandable.


    This is a useful guide on the settings in DVDShrink's Preferences menu.


    Easy to understand and follow tutorials on using the Re-Author facility in DVDShrink.

    Can't find the link but here is a tip I found if, like me, you are using the Plextor PX 708A DVD Read/Write player. The player limits read speeds of a copy protected DVDs to 2x which means slow rips. The tip is:

    Before inserting a disc to be ripped make sure any software you are going to use to analyse the disc (like DVDShrink) is not active. Press and hold in the 'Eject' button on the 708 and wait until the Green activity light on the player, flashes three time, then let go. The tray will now open, put the DVD in and close the tray as per normal. Now when you rip the DVD in DVDShrink or DVDDecrypter etc. etc. it will be much faster. In my case, rips are now taking 15 to 23 minutes whereas previously they took about 30 to 40 minutes. NB This tip does not make any permanent changes and so has to followed every time you insert a disc to be ripped (unless you're not in a hurry) :thumbsup:

    Well that's it for now.

    I'l post Part II tomorrow (hopefully).

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