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Has anyone had any experience with this little bundle of, well, everything?! I'm actually more interested in how the actual power-amp side performs as most reviews dismiss it.

The reason I ask is I'm looking at buying either one of the setups below, they both run about the same money (all that I'm willing to spend at this time):

Setup 1: Peachtree Audio Nova. + SB Touch.
Setup 2: Quad 99 Stereo Amp (S/H) + Meier Audio StageDAC. + SB Touch.
Setup 3: Arcam 7r (already have) + 2x Arcam 8p or 9p's + Cambridge Dacmagic + SB Touch

Currently use Quad 22L's.

Any opinions appreciated. :thumbsup:
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Jack D

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I just set one up on a small system. It is driving 2 B&W 603S3s without a problem. Source is a Wadia+ipod. I don't have any problems with it as an integrated pre/amp. Of course, it's not my main system but I'm perfectly happy with it for a small/compact system.

PS FWIW: I think the DAC is better than the one on my Arcam AV9. I think the unit it probably worth it even if you only use it as a DAC which you can do by bypassing the pre and the amp sections.
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Thanks Jack, good to hear some good comments about the Nova.

I have however just bought a Bel Canto Evo2i Gen2, just waiting for it to arrive. :smashin:

I've pre-ordered my SB Touch so I'll see if and what DAC I should be looking at in a month or two.


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No Probs!

Had the eVo2i up and running for a few days now. Just played Roger Water's - Ca Ira at 84db (unity gain) and I can honestly say I'm literally blown away! Just a completely different class from anything I've ever had. The little bugger didn't even get warm! Also, the low distortion makes you feel safe having it at those volumes- the speakers handled it with ease.

Also, every other album sounds completely different. So much detail that's just crystal clear. Everything has its own space and is easily identifiable. The Arcam 7r sounds completely mushy in comparison. Voices, trumpets, saxophones, harmonicas, etc.. all sound superb, full of timbre and the "raspyness" comes through superbly. Probably due to the clear detail and the timing. Bass is also pinpoint sharp.

If this is (remotely near) the entry into high-end stuff then I can't even imagine what a really high-end system sounds like.

Enough rambling. Conclusion is that I couldn't be happier with my choice. :smashin:
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