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Peaches Geldof


Distinguished Member
Her last tweet - a cry for help?



Distinguished Member
Poor lass.


Distinguished Member
Very sad for her and her family, especially Bob who has lost a daugher. A beautiful and (by the sound of it) capable young lady with a lot to live for. If it was suicide, then it shows just how deep mental health issues affect people and how much help is needed in that field. That's true of anyone, famous or not.


Well-known Member
I was staggered by this news and found Bob's statement to be incredibly moving. No parent should have to bury their child. My thoughts are with the family she left behind and also for this desperately young girl who had so much life left to live.

If mental health issues played a part in this, then, yes, we have an embarrassingly long way to go before issues such as depression and low self esteem are treated with the same level of intelligence and care as visible disabilities.


Distinguished Member
Utterly tragic for her children and husband left behind, along with her father and siblings - just as it would be for anyone in this situation; spotlight or not.

However, if it turns out to be drug related and/or suicide, then her children will likely grow up just as messed up / "troubled" as she was.

And no, I don't think the instagram/tweeted picture of her as a child with her mother was a "cry for help", or a clue - no matter how much the media would like to suggest it is. Thousands if not millions of people put up pics of themselves with their mother/parents/kids/dogs on social media everyday - should we assume they are all going to die in a day or two?

It may sound like I'm being harsh- I'm not. Maybe I'm just desensitised to it all. No doubt, it's a tragic loss of someone so young (younger than me, and the same age as my sister). But I can't help listening to the nagging in the back of my mind that it's self inflicted, one way or another....


Well-known Member
Heroin overdose just like her mother.


Distinguished Member
So now her kids have to go through what she did. Selfish doesnt quite cover it.

I feel sorry for Bob, I'm not a particular fan of him musically or personally but I have respect for a lot of the things he does...and theres not many that would take on another persons child like he did. The public humiliation his ex-trollop put him through, the agony for his children when she OD'd and the issues it left them with leading to losing a child who wanted to be as selfish as her mother

I hope Bob and her husband can steer them away from that or so the cycle continues...


Distinguished Member
I kind of had a feeling it would be drugs as soon as I heard she had died.

sometimes, the apple never falls far from the tree.

sammy the squid

Distinguished Member
I'm sorry, but I find some of these comments in bad taste. Wether it was drugs or something else, she lost her mum in circumstances thankfully none of us will have to go through to find out how it feels. Unfortunately not everyone makes it out the other end with their mind in one piece. Ultimately she was someones daughter, someones sister, someone mother and someone's wife. She's dead. So whilst she's 6 foot under, perhaps if there's nothing good to be said, it's maybe better to not say anything.


Agreed Sammy, I remind people again this is not what this section of the forum was created for, it was created for informing of deaths, tributes and paying respects as stated in the forums title and sticky. If you want to have a bash at someone General Chat is more suited to that.

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